Monday, February 25, 2013

Spring Fever is setting in!

Hello again friends!  I have had several people asking me about gardening in the city.  So many think that they can't do it.  You can!  You just have to be creative.

I am lucky that we have a double lot so I am able to take a section of the yard for my garden.  If you don't have that yard to spare or you have issues with a Home Owners Association banning gardens (I can't for the life of me understand that one!), you just need to get creative to have some produce.  

Just about anywhere that you can grow flowers, you can grow veggies!  Whether you use a flower bed or a neglected area near the house, you don't have to have one, large, set spot to garden.  You can put a few things around a porch or around a deck or in a corner of the yard.  I have a clothesline beside the garage that leaves an area between it and the garage that is pretty useless for other things.  I had my husband build a box to keep the dirt contained and initially had the salad bed (lettuce, spinach, radishes, etc.) there.  This year I am moving my blackberry bramble there because I totally underestimated the amount of spreading they will do and they were getting into the strawberry bed.  My point there is even a small area in the corner of a fence can be turned into a veggie bed.  You can use simple black edging to separate it from the yard.

Your situation may work better with container gardening.  I have mint in a large flower pot because it is invasive and will take over the yard.  You can, of course, grow any herb in pots.  I know someone who used a storage tote to grow potatoes and carrots in.  The possibilities for containers to use are only as limited as your imagination.  Use what you have!  It's going to be full of dirt anyway!

Start planning now.  Decide whether you can have a garden in the yard, need to use small beds or containers.  Figure it out now and start planning.  Our last freeze date will be here before we know it!


  1. Just waiting for my consultation!

  2. Me too. I read about trying potatoes in a wire cage...ever tried it? I just don't have the space for them in the garden but I could put a cage anywhere!

  3. I personally haven't tried it but know a friend who did. She used chicken wife and straw. She got a lot of potatoes too.