Thursday, February 14, 2013

Media Writing

My experience with writing for media is somewhat limited.  I have created Power Points for prior college classes.  In writing for things like a Power Point presentation, one must recognize that information has to be clear and concise.  This requires that the information presented doesn't include any frivolous or unnecessary text.  The information must be to the point and not include jargon or other technical terms unless the audiences you are presenting to are in the profession that would generally use this jargon or technical terms.  I find this very different from the types of academic writing that I have experience with.  In academic writing you have to be much more thorough in your text.  Just as you must be clear in writing in the academic area, you have to be very clear in other media, most often with far fewer words.  For me, my strengths are being able to focus my words on my topic, which will help me to work towards those clear and concise bits of information.   I can also be said that my strength is also my obstacle.  I tend to want to be too thorough in my writings, wanting to leave the reader with very few, if any, questions.  I will need to be cognizant of that and work to be concise in writing for other media.

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