Sunday, February 10, 2013

Links & icons

Here's another one of my assignments!

In your reading, Gerrand quotes David Riordan as saying, "Infinite choice equals a database.  Just because you can make a choice doesn't mean it's an interesting one."  Think about this quote and its implications for multimedia and writing.  What are the implications for you as a writer?  Explain.

As I think about the quote by David Riordan, “Infinite choice equals a database.  Just because you can make a choice doesn’t mean it’s an interesting one.” It makes me think about some of the websites I have been on in the past.  I think of this like just because you can make a clickable link or icon doesn’t mean you should make a clickable link or icon.  Would I love my blog to be like some other blogs I have seen with all these icons and links to click on?  Sure, I would.  But at this point in my blog, I don’t have enough going yet to warrant all those clickable links.  They would in essence be links to one item.  That would not be an interesting choice and would in fact be annoying to my readers.  It would just be easier to simply write out the information to begin with.  I think that once you get enough varying information that a database would make sense in keeping the information organized and easily accessible for the reader is the time that one should look into icons and clickable links.  When there are interesting choices to make.

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