Friday, February 1, 2013

Why I took the class

Here is one of those "assignments".  I'd written it a few days ago but was having trouble getting the blog up and running.  I told you, I'm a country girl, I'm great with a trowel and hoe, technology...not so much!

January 26, 2013
I chose to take “Finding your e-voice” for several reasons.  I wanted to stretch my limits a bit.  I write research and other academic papers well.  At the time when I learned to write papers, it was required to write very formally with very strict rules.  That is what I know and that is how I write.  In today’s world, more and more work is being done online and we are, in general, a less formal society.  That meant I needed to learn to write more informally.  I thought this class would be a great way to try to break the old habits I have in the way that I write.  I feel the strengths that I bring to the table are the fact that I know the basics of English writing.  Obviously, the biggest obstacle I have is going to be getting comfortable with a more casual style of writing.  I have to realize that a contraction here and there isn't a bad thing!  I think the best way to overcome this is simply by practice.  

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