Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Winter Recharging

Hello everyone!  I hope everyone is safe and warm in this first 'snow event' here.  

I love how 2" of snow is a 'snow event'.  I am always somewhat shocked at how people behave when it snows in Indiana.  It's shocking the number of people who run red lights or stop signs, even more so in the snow.  It's as though they don't care whether or not they are in, or simply cause, an accident.  I don't get that.  Then you have what we lovingly refer to as the "French Toast Preppers".  You know, the people who, at the first snowflake, run to the grocery and clear out the milk, bread and eggs.  Personally, I keep at least one half gallon of milk in the freezer and a loaf of bread.  I freeze the half gallons because they're easier to thaw out.  Just make sure you set them out soon enough to thaw for when you need them.  And shake it well before using it.  You can also freeze eggs if you scramble them first.  Well, don't fry them, just whisk them...LOL.  But once you whisk them, you can freeze them in ice cube trays and then when frozen, pop them out and put in a good Ziploc bag.    

I know we're all busy but even though we haven't had a bad Winter, this one seems to be wearing me down.  We have a lot going on and I was just telling my husband that I really need to find a way to recharge.  For me, I think that means I need to bake something.  Actually, that would require being home long enough to bake.  I'll get there.  

I should probably add sleep to that list as well.  Sleep would be good.  I'll get on that just as soon as my reading for my grad school class is done......LOL

As always, please check on your neighbors, the elderly and the shut-ins.  Make sure they're alright and not in need of any help.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Winter finally showed up!

Good morning everyone!  

Up until Saturday, it was about 50 degrees here in Indianapolis.  And at not quite 11 am on Monday, it's 9.  NINE!  I know, we've been lucky so far this year with such a minor Winter.  Mother Nature was being kind to us.  Evidently, our luck has run out and she's no longer in a generous mood.  Welcome to Winter!  Not just Winter snow but she sent ICE.  

As is my usual, I want to first and foremost, remind you all to check in on your neighbors, the elderly and the shut-ins.  Shovel a walkway, their steps to the house, clear a path in front of their home in case someone stops by to check in on them they can park.  Let's make sure those who may not be able to do as much anymore have the help they need.  

It's supposed to be colder tonight with the possibility of 2-5 inches of more snow.  Just a few hints, some you should already have had done but don't fret, every little bit will help!

Remember to change your furnace filters monthly.  My hubby is an HVAC/R professor and insists we use the cheap throw-away-monthly filters....something about what our furnace was designed to work with.  Check yours out and make sure you're using the right ones.  You should have had your furnace serviced before Winter, but sometimes you miss it, even if you are married to an HVAC/R no judgments here.  

Leave the cabinet doors open under sinks to help prevent freezing.  I leave a trickle of water running too, not a lot but just to keep the water moving.  

I know this if something we did in the country, just in case of power outages which I know don't happen in the city as often, but I put an extra heavy quilt at the bottom of each bed so that if there is an outage (or you just get cold and your hubby won't let you warm your feet on him), you have that extra blanket at the ready.

Speaking of blankets, I keep one in each car, in case of a break down, or in my case last Winter, when I ran out of gas on a dark highway.  Just be prepared.  Oh, and it's a good idea to keep a bit of drinking water in the car but not soda.  Don't ask me how I know this, just trust me here!

It's also a good idea (and not too late) to check the fluids on your car.  Make sure the window washer fluid is filled up and, if you're like me, have an extra gallon in the trunk.  I average about 3 gallons a Winter.  Hey, what can I say?  I can't stand a filthy windshield!

Don't forget our furry friends .  Thank goodness that Indianapolis now has a new law that you just can't leave the poor animals outside in this weather.  Do NOT be afraid to call someone if you see a dog tied to a tree or just out in this weather.  

Please, also remember our homeless.  If you're not comfortable giving to the directly, at least think about donating to a shelter, they'll welcome blankets, socks, gloves, hats, scarves, etc.  

Bottom line, we often think of taking care of ourselves, but let's remember that no matter how little we have, there are those out there with less than we have.  As my Dear Mother used to say, "We're all in this together!'

Stay warm!  Stay safe! Check on your neighbors!