Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Peer Review Process

Here is another one of my assignments.  The paper I wrote was about the creation of this blog!

Reflect upon the peer review process for project one.  Did you get some helpful feedback? Is there anything you could have done to improve the quality and helpfulness of the feedback you received? (Ask leading questions, post earlier in the week, etc.) Can you think of a question you would like to have added to the peer review questions? If so, what? When reading your peers’ work, did you gain a new understanding of the assignment of its value? Explain. Did reading your peers’ work help you with your revision? In what way/s?

Submitting my paper for the peer review process was rather intimidating.  I mean, I have written papers before, many times.  Those were more formal, traditional research type papers and they weren’t submitted to my peers, only to my professors.  I read and re-read my paper for a couple of days before I finally bit the bullet and hit “submit”.

I got some positive feedback on the creation of my blog and how it represents me.  I also got some feedback questioning how this relates to me and my life.  In reading over my paper for yet another time, I feel that it does adequately represent the fact that I live a clean and simple life. 

I’m not sure that there was anything I could have done to improve the quality and helpfulness of the feedback I received because I did post earlier in the week but only had two of my fellow students review my paper. 

I think the questions were thorough and covered the aspects of the assignment. 

In reading my peer’s papers, I noticed that some of them created avatars that were almost exact replicas of themselves, some who created a fantasy version of themselves and some who started with a fantasy version of themselves and later changed it to be a more accurate version of their true selves.  It was interesting to read their reasoning for each of their choices.  I am of the thinking that I need to have mine be a true and accurate representation of me.

I don’t think reading my peers work caused me to change my paper in any way because I created something that truly represents me. 

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