Friday, February 1, 2013

Welcome to my blog!

Hello everyone!  Welcome to my first blog entry.  I'll be honest, I read blogs but never thought I'd have my own.  This began as a requirement for a college class and while I was procrastinating friends helped me to realize that I could share a lot more than just the requirements for a college writing class.  

I lived in the country for years and, as all good country girls do, I gardened, canned, cooked from scratch and lived simply & frugally.  Then I met the man who is now my hubby and he brought me to the "big city".  Talk about a fish out of water...LOL!  It took me a bit of time but I have managed to find a way to have my garden here and I still can what I grow and I make jams and jellies, too.  I had to get creative, but I have managed to bring a lot of the country to my own backyard.  

When the economy tightened budgets for everyone, I began sharing some of my tips and tricks about gardening and stretching the dollar with a mom's group that I belong too (Shout out to my IndyMoms!).  We all help each other and I hope to share some of those helpful hints here.

Occasionally, you'll see an entry labeled "assignment", those entries are for my writing class...just so you all don't think I'm losing my mind and throwing randomness out there!  

I hope you enjoy this and find a little something useful in it!

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  1. Welcome to the Blog world! I can't wait to see what tips you post! I have wanted to can for a long time. My mom always canned when I was a child but I have never done it myself as an adult.

    I look forward to seeing pics of your garden this summer too!