Thursday, April 23, 2015

Don't take things for granted!

Hello friends.  I haven't been here in a bit, as generally happens at the end of a semester, I get super busy.  This semester is no different and in fact, might be a bit worse because it is my last semester before I earn my Bachelor's degree.  I'll get that on Mother's Day.  

I won't lie, it's been a rough semester.  I started working part time as a tutor at the Ivy Tech Community College's TRiO program.  So working during the day, classes at night, working on things for the business, Gram's Jams, it's been challenging.  Compound that with my husband who, in addition to his regular teaching duties, took on an evening class and an all-day Saturday class to teach.  These all had to work in such a way that allowed one of us to be here for our son so we passed each other a lot.

I thought things were rough.  I was thinking I never get to see my hubby or my kids and grandkids.  I was up to my ears in papers and research, dirty dishes and laundry and the normal chaos of life.  I only thought things were rough.

Then last Friday made me re-think all of that.  That day, my dear friend Susanne got a frantic call at work from her children that her husband was having a heart attack.  It was massive and he was unresponsive when help arrived.  They rushed him to the best hospital in the city but he was in rough shape.  

I went to the hospital to take her and the kids some lunch on Saturday and it was heartbreaking to see such a strong woman being so stoic for her children.  But you could see the intense pain in her eyes.

Today, my friend had to say goodbye to the love of her life and her beautiful children and grandchildren had to say goodbye to their beloved father and grandfather.  I can't imagine.  

My friend Sheila put it beautifully when she said, 

"Reminded today that life is short and tomorrow is not a guarantee.  Please spread love to your family and friends today.  Hug your babies and kiss your spouses.  Be kind.  Do extra.  My thoughts are with a fellow Mom who has to say goodbye to her husband today after an unexpected medical emergency.  I can't imagine the pain.  My prayers for her strength and comfort."

We've been reminded how precious life is and how unexpected turns can change someone's world.  So please, take Sheila's advice.  Hug your babies.  Kiss your spouses.  BE KIND.  Love one another!


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