Saturday, February 2, 2013

Experiences in creating a blog

Here is another one of those assignments.  I didn't dream that starting a blog would be such an adventure!  LOL

February 2, 2013

Setting up this blog was as much of an experience as actually writing on it.  What did I find challenging?  Pretty much the entire process!  I read all the suggested items our instructor linked on our class page so I had a pretty good idea what each part of the blog was and what to include for the class.  I just had to figure out how to get mine going.  A friend suggested a template and my teenage daughter showed me a “Googled” list of suggested sites with free templates.  That wasn’t overwhelming AT ALL!  I spent HOURS checking out site after site after site.  I finally found one I thought would be great and hit the download button.  When I tried to open it and actually create the blog, I ran into even more problems.  It was time to admit I needed help.  A dear friend came to my rescue, showed me that I had chosen a bad template that had a problem in its ‘coding’.  I’m sure that my deer-in-the-headlights look assured her that it was okay to tell me I should abandon what I’d spent hours finding and go to the blog site and use one of their templates.  Why didn't I remember that suggestions from a teenage girl are never simple?  At this point, we were able to get a simple and clean template set up and got the blog up.  I really have to thank Lety of Real Simple Solutions!
What did I find most enjoyable?  I had the blog up and fonts chosen and the basics done.  I hadn't written a word of the actual blog but I was enjoying that I had something that I thought was pretty cool looking up and running.  Wait.  Now what?  What was I going to write?  Other than my assignments, what was I going to write?  I finally wrote the first entry.  And then I just sat and looked at it.  Was I ready to hit enter and put it out there for the whole world to see?  My friend said “Just doooooo it”.  So I hit publish.  It’s out there now.
Now to remember to breathe until I see a comment or ten!

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