Thursday, April 11, 2013

Voice Assignment

Here is another one of those assignments! 

Here's the assignment:

Considering your SL avatar, your blog, your wiki entries and the work you’ve done with your group project, do there seem to be aspects of your personality that are emerging as constants within your digital communications? Explain. Are you incorporating new elements into this emerging voice? If so, what?

Here's my answer:

In considering my blog, wiki entries, discussion boards and the group project work that I have done so far, I think there are definitely aspects of my personality that always come through.  I am keeping things simple and clean.  I find it odd that I can be long winded, so to speak, but it is still a simple message.  I am finding that I am enjoying writing on my blog the most.  I feel that more of my personality comes out there than anywhere else.  I can write about the things that I am passionate about, even though what I do isn’t necessarily what is in vogue today.  I feel that the blog lets me be me.  I do think I am incorporating new elements in this new and emerging voice online, for me, most notably the use of contractions.  I still can’t quite get over the fact that I have turned in college work with contractions in them!  I am also working very intently towards becoming more relaxed in my writing.  

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