Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fresh air and sunshine!

Today was absolutely beautiful!  70 degrees, sunny, a nice breeze.  I'm hoping Indiana's iffy transition between Winter and Spring is over and Spring has won!

This afternoon and evening, we did some real work in the yard.  I'm still not very far but we're getting there.  Due to some health issues last year, I didn't get to properly close my garden for the winter.  I didn't get the 'trash' out of the garden last fall.  By that, I mean the remnants of the plants, they've all gotten dry and brittle so it really wasn't a huge deal to remove them and send them to the compost pile.  I also didn't get to do the fall tilling last year.  It happens.  It's not a huge deal but just means a little more work now.

Today, we cleaned all the 'trash' out of the big gardens, gathered up any limb pieces that had fallen out of our big tree.  The little stuff is in the compost pile and the big stuff is set aside for the fire pit.  

I have pulled the dead things out of the gladiolus bed.  That's another hint there...I planted them around the deck because they grow tall enough to cover the opening under the deck without having to put more money into deck materials.

I noticed in the melee of moving the blackberries and digging up the blackberries that had meandered their way into the strawberry bed that I am going to have to replace some of the strawberry plants.  I seem to have trampled more than I thought I did.  It happens.  

Bottom line, we enjoyed a nice day in the fresh air and sunshine and got a little yard work done too.  It's been a great day and we'll finish it off by cooking out.

What did you do to enjoy the weather today?

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