Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Group Voice

Here is another one of my class assignments.  Just a bit of info, we are working on interactive presentations to be included on the English Department's website that covers the concentrations within the department, their requirements and why someone would chose the concentration.

Do you feel that your voice is being adequately represented in your group project? In what ways? Are there ways in which you feel your voice is being overlooked or is missing? Explain. How do you feel you might best assert that voice, or do you think your “voice” is incompatible with your group project? Explain.

I do feel that my voice is being represented so far in our group project.  We are doing our project on the concentrations within the English Department with each us taking one of them and one of us taking the introduction.  Although my major is Writing and Literacy, I was given Literature.  That’s ok, it’s giving me the chance to explore that concentration a little bit which I wouldn’t have otherwise done.  I enjoy reading but I dislike English literature which I am totally blaming on having to read Beowulf in high school…LOL.  As to my voice being overlooked, I am feeling a bit of that.  In all fairness, I missed the first chat session as I was dealing with a bad Ethernet card here but I read the chats and the information on the Wiki page and felt good about what was expected of me.  When we got into the chat this week, there was quite a bit of bickering between some about things that I thought had been addressed last week.  Half the members were involved in it and the other half were asking questions and I, for one, had asked questions that were just lost in the bickering.  I resorted to sending an email to the members during the chat.  This at least got my questions acknowledged.  I don’t think my voice is incompatible at all.  I think it is a large project and there was a little confusion but I just think that good, bad or ugly, you can’t second guess each decision each time we get together as a group.  Once a decision is made on the scope of the project, we need to work with it and move forward.  I think, in time, it will all work out.  

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