Friday, March 29, 2013

Online games

Here is another one of my assignments!  A little bit of explanation is in order. In this class, I was exposed to the game Second Life.  It is an interactive game that puts the player in an alternate reality type of thing.  I guess World of Warcraft is another game of this type.  I don't generally play these types of games so I'm very uneducated when it comes to them.  The chapter we had to read described a little about these types of games.  That said, here is the assignment and my response...

Have you played any games like what is described in this chapter? What types do you prefer? Why? What kinds of choices and controls were you offered as a player? How did these affect your experience? Explain.

The only game like those described in the chapter that I have ever played is the short time I spent in Second Life that was required at the beginning of this course.  I am not a fan of these types of games.  The games I have played online are more types of thinking games like “Words with Friends” or “Candy Crush”, I’m not the virtual world kind of person.  For “Words with Friends”, I have the choice of what word I want to spell out based on what letters I have and what words have already been played.  It’s pretty simple.  It makes me think and expand my vocabulary.  It also challenges me when I play against my friends to find the best words for the most points.

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