Sunday, March 10, 2013


Once again, here is another one of my assignments.  We are beginning a group project and today the professor is asking us to discuss communication.  Here is the assignment and response.

How is communication working out with your group? What tools have you tried using to facilitate communication? What has worked especially well? Explain. What hasn't worked as well? Why not? What might you be able to do to help your group communicate more effectively, or what are you and your group members doing that seems to be producing successful communication?

It has only been a week, but so far, we appear to be struggling with communication.  It might be because we are just starting this phase of the project and part might be because Spring Break starts tomorrow.  It might also be that we have not yet narrowed down where it is best to communicate.  “K” (again, I don’t feel comfy posting names without permission) and I have posted in the Evening group’s page in the Wiki section but haven’t gotten any response yet.  I think I will send a message to everyone in the group in both Oncourse and through the campus email as well.  I think we need to come to a consensus on where we will be meeting most of the time.   I like the idea of the Wiki Evening group’s page for general information as it is something that we can post and check into as we have time.  We can also use an Oncourse chat or Skype when we all need to meet at set times.  I think it would be important to have someone assigned to post the results of those meetings in chat or Skype to the Wiki group page so that we have something to reference back too.  I think this would eliminate confusion and help if someone is unable to attend the, for lack of a better term, “face to face” cyber meeting.

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