Sunday, March 10, 2013

DST & Sunshine!

Early this morning, we did the Daylight Savings Time switch.  Indiana didn't adopt DST until 2006.  I still remember farmers telling the legislature that DST would screw with the dairy cows, messing up their milking schedule and resulting in a shortage of milk.  Here we are, 7 years later and at least in Indianapolis, I have not experienced any milk shortage!  

I spent a large portion of my childhood in a little town just outside of Erie, Pennsylvania and DST was just a part of life.  I don't understand the uproar and debate that, even now, goes on in Indiana about it.  Now that DST is here, the new debate is whether we are in the correct time zone.  I don't think it will ever end....LOL

Personally, I like the extra daylight.  "Springing forward" is also one more sign that Spring is almost here.  It's an added bonus that after last weeks snow issues, it is 62 degrees here today and the sun is out.  Such a welcome relief. As I went out to get the morning paper, I just had to check on my flower bed. Here is what I found:

These are my Daffodils.  I can't wait until these bloom, it's always the sign for my family that Winter is finally over.  These and the Grape Hyacinths around my flagpole are the only flowers I grow...ok, they are the only flowers I CAN grow.  I don't do so well with flowers so that makes the Daffodils even more special.  It's funny because if you can eat it, I can grow it but if it is just pretty...I generally don't do so well with those.  My husband was pretty upset when I tried to help with his roses...Let's just say, I bought him more.

I have the Daffodils in this little flower bed beside my house, it's about 8" wide and about 30' long.  It was wasted space between the sidewalk and house until I put these flowers in.  If we didn't have the psychological need for Spring flowers, this small area would be great for things like onions or garlic (I have actually grown garlic in the end of this bed once) or other plants that don't require a ton of space.  This goes back to what I said about getting creative in where you plant things and that not everything needs to be the type of garden that our grandparents had.

While we wait on vegetable garden time, how are your flowers doing?

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  1. I just checked the strawberries and they're coming up too! I think it might be time to remove the straw!