Thursday, July 11, 2013


I have been stewing for the past couple of days about Kroger's announcement that they will no longer be doubling coupons.  I am a couponer.  There, I said it!  Some will say I am an extreme couponer.  I do agree with that to an extent.  I am, however, not one of those extreme couponers.  You know the type I mean, the stereotype that people now have of couponers based on that wretched cable show.  

That show isn't real.  It's common knowledge that grocery stores suspend their own coupon policies to be featured on the show.  It's also totally ridiculous to stockpile the quantities of items that those on that show do just because you can.  I mean, really, a male freshman in college with 300 some packs of feminine hygiene products.  Really?  

As I have read more and more about the Kroger decision (it appears to be one of the last stores who does double coupons), each article has comments after it slamming ALL couponers as shelf-clearing, coupon-policy abusing, hoarders!  I am none of those.  And I don't know anyone who is either.  Couponing isn't my career, I have a family that keeps me plenty busy.  I don't spend 40+ hours doing it, I don't buy coupons, I don't self-clear (My 9 year old will tell you that infuriates me, get your deal but leave some for others), I don't hoard, I don't buy 27 Sunday papers either.  There are a lot of things people think of couponers that we're not.

I am someone who shops on a budget.  I am someone who works very hard to provide for my family on that budget.  In today's economy, everyone is working very hard to make the same (or less) money go as far as it used too before all the prices went up due to the high gas prices but never came back down, when the gas prices did.  I have never gotten $1200 worth of groceries for $4.39.  It'd be nice, but that's never happened. Ever.  Between my loyalty card and my double coupons, I generally average about 35-40% in savings a week and I'm thrilled with that!

I have gotten some items for free or almost free.  I do have a stocked pantry and freezer.  Most of the couponers I know, myself included, donate a LOT.  I know a woman who stalks the sales at pet stores with coupons she gets from friends and family and donates every bit of what she gets for almost free to the animal shelter.  I regularly donate HBA (Health & Beauty Aids) items to the local pantry my family volunteers in.  Another benefit I find in keeping a stock is that when someone in my Mom's group is in need (job loss, death in the family, illness, etc.) I can quickly put together a care package of items that will make some meals to be delivered.  I don't always have an extra $50 to get a little bit of groceries for a family in need but I always have my stock.

Back to Kroger.  I don't like that they will stop doubling coupons but we'll deal with it.  I am going to have an open mind and go see about these "new lower prices" and if they're not at my purchase price with a face value coupon, then I might have to look around for the store that gives me best deal.  Because, like I read on one of the articles, although I have been a loyal customer of Kroger for most of my adult life, they're not appearing to be loyal to the couponers.

Ok, my rant is over.  


  1. I am sorry for you...since moving to the country, I shop at a branch (?)of Kroger...JayC. They have higher prices than Kroger and have never doubled our coupons. :(

  2. I remember living in the country, Nancy...not a lot of options for saving money unless you want to drive far to find it. I'm going to update this on another entry...I was surprised.