Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Breakfast on the go

Good morning!  Ideally, we would all get up and have a stress free morning because everyone would have their things laid out the night before, we'd all sit down to a nice hot breakfast at the table together until the time for everyone to head out the door for work or school.  So nice and stress-free.

That's a nice dream but, if your home is like my household, you have hit the snooze at least once, the teen forgot to switch her backpack to hold today's books and not yesterday's, the boy can't find one shoe and hubby has misplaced his wallet.  There goes the idea of a hot breakfast!

Not necessarily.  I keep things in the freezer to help on mornings like this.  When I make biscuits, I'll make sausage biscuits for the freezer, I do the same with a scrambled egg and sausage crumble with cheese on a tortilla wrap and my new one, home made Egg McMuffins (even the egg white one).  

We had one of "those" mornings and hubby was late so he stopped and used a coupon we'd received for the egg white McMuffins.  He loved them.  But if you were to do that every day with a cup of coffee, you'd be spending about $3.50 a day or about $17.50 a week.

I found this little gem at Walmart and decided I can make McMuffins:

It is silicone and makes eggs the perfect size.  One side makes biscuit sized egg rounds and the other makes English muffin sized eggs.  i think it was a great $6 investment.  (It works for pancakes too)

Next up was to get the ingredients, I managed to get them on sale, with a couple of coupons.

I found English muffins on sale for $1.99 and I had a $.50 coupon that Kroger still doubled (doubling ends on July 31) making them $.99 for a package of 6 or $.17 each.  

I also found Canadian bacon on sale for $2.29, with a $.25 coupon (doubled) making it $1.70 for a package of 10 slices or $.18 per slice.

I got eggs (Eggland's best were on sale) for $2.29 with a $.50 coupon (doubled) making them $1.29 for 12 or $.11 per egg.

Kroger also had a sale on Kraft American cheese for $2.50 with a $.50 coupon (doubled) made it $1.50 for 24 slices or $.06.

My husband prefers the egg whites only so when I separate them I use the yolks to make my Gram's pudding.

So to make an Egg McMuffin exactly like McDonald's, it would cost $.52 each.  If you were to eat one daily, that is $2.60 for a full week.  I think you could add some coffee in there too and it would still come in under the cost of McDonald's.

To put these (or biscuits) up for the week is pretty easy.  I wrap them (just like a fast food place wraps their sandwiches) in wax paper.  The "M" and the "K" are written on the wax paper because I like mine made with the whole egg and the teen prefers hers without egg.

Once you have them wrapped, you can drop them in a Ziploc (be sure to date the bag) and pop them in the freezer.

A little hint, I use wax paper to wrap any sandwich that will be warmed in the mircrowave because they don't get "rubbery" when you warm them like they do when wrapped in plastic wrap or are in a Ziploc bag.  And wax paper is cheaper than baggies.  But putting the wrapped sandwiches in a Ziploc bag helps to not only keep them from freezer burn but also helps to keep a single sandwich from getting lost in the freezer.

You can do this with sausage biscuits, ham biscuits, chicken biscuits or any breakfast sandwich.  It's healthier since there aren't preservatives added, you make it so you know what's in it.  It can be eaten at home, in the car or taken to work and warmed there. It also happens to save a great deal of money, almost $15 a week which would be up too $780 a year.  That's HUGE!

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