Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I wanted to post a quick update to my coupon entry.  I said I was going to try to keep an open mind until I'd actually been to Kroger and checked out their new prices.  

First, let me say that I did see quite a few items that had prices lowered.  Some of them I was pleased with, some not so much.  The biggest impression that I came out of there with is that I think it will be confusing.  They have their regular priced items.  They have "new lower priced" items.  They have "new lower priced for the summer" items.  They have "new lower priced sale" items.  Clear as mud, right?  So they have some items that don't change, some that change each season, some that change weekly.....This will be fun to keep track of.  When I asked an area manager about this, he stated that you need to look for the colors.  I haven't figured them all out yet but some are yellow, some blue, some red and all will require the use of your Kroger loyalty card. 

This is gonna take some getting used too although, I still think I'll save quite a bit of money without double coupons by using my Kroger card.

I spoke with one of the cashiers that I know has worked there a good long time and I believe she might even be a supervisor, I'm not sure of that though.  Anyway, I asked if I could get a copy of the new coupon policy so that I could be ready when the changes take effect.  I want to work within the rules.  I was told that they could give me a copy of the coupon policy but that it would be the old one as they don't have the new one yet.  It rolls out in two weeks, one would think they'd have store personnel getting familiar with the new policy.  I was told I wouldn't be able to get one until at least August 1st.  

So as surprised as I was with some of the lower prices, even though I'll have to figure out the color-coded system, I am really confused as to why a copy of the new coupon policy isn't available.  Do they not have one?  One would think that they would have this available for customers to also familiarize themselves with it.

I don't coupon shop without making sure I have a copy of and being familiar with the coupon policy.  And I don't shop without coupons.  So, until I see the new coupon policy, I will continue to be patient and open-minded but will put off shopping Kroger until I see it.

So, overall...some changes are good and some we are still waiting on the information to make the decision as to whether it is good or not.  

Maybe, I'll share this with Kroger and see if they can shed some light on it!

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