Thursday, September 19, 2013

It's catching on!

This morning, as I was trying to get my first cup of coffee in me, the Today show was on in the background.  I was absolutely flabbergasted when I heard a teaser about "Food Conservation".  Of course, my interested was piqued.  I had to get some coffee in me during the commercial break though so I could actually comprehend it...LOL

They pretty much did a Magic Chicken!  I loved, loved, loved it!  You can watch it here.  

I wanted to share this here, not to brag, but because it is relevant that the national news and shows like Today are not only not poking fun at those of us who cook this way but they're showing others how to do it too.  We've all noticed the sharp rise in food prices in the last few years...we've not noticed an increase in wages to match them though.  

I think it is important that we get back to learning to not just cook at home, but to know how to stretch the food dollar to it's maximum potential to feed our families.  I don't foresee the prices coming down anytime soon so it is on us to learn this.

Now, I think I might have choked on my coffee if they'd called it "Magic Chicken"  LOL!!!


  1. I cheated this week and bought a 4.99 roasted chicken from Costco. I could have roasted it myself but at that price, knowing I would get 3 meals, I splurged. So corn, bean and chicken quesedias one night, sliced chicken another, followed by boiling the carcass and chicken and homemade noodles the third night. Love a magic chicken!

  2. I buy the roasted chickens sometimes, too! They will mark them down at Kroger at night. I've gotten them and pulled the meat off and stuck it in the freezer before.