Friday, May 17, 2013

The garden is in!

The garden is planted!  I was beginning to wonder if I was going to make it this year.  It took me more time this year but you have to be persistent to it done.  I had my family working to help me but this last day, the kids were at school and hubby was at work and the weather man said we had serious storms coming.  And I had 43 tomato plants yet to get in the ground.  I made it with about an hour to spare.  Woo Hoo, it's all planted.

A friend was asking me about planting things to deter bugs and pest in your home. She had googled and found suggestions for planting oregano, catnip, chives, garlic and citronella in pots by the doors to keep them away and that lavender and peppermint deterred spiders.  I will have to look into this as I hadn't heard of this before.

I do know a little about garden critters.  As we were planting the garden, I loved seeing my 16 year old daughter picking up "wormys" to show her 8 year old brother.  (shhh, don't tell her I told you she's not all girly-girl...LOL).  Finding worms in the garden is good, it means your soil it in good shape.  Another critter I love finding in the garden are ladybugs.  They eat aphids and that's good, too.  

You can do a lot to help your garden without using chemicals.  You can plant things that help control things.  You can plant strong smelling herbs with certain plants to confuse the critters looking for the plant you are in essence hiding.  Rosemary helps prevent cabbage worms.  Garlic deters Japanese beetles. Basil repels thrips, flies and mosquitoes.  Chervil works on slugs.  Dill helps with spider mites and squash bugs but do not plant this by tomatoes because it attracts tomato hornworms.

Keep in mind, there are some bugs that you want in the garden.  Bees are important for pollinating things.  Some types of wasps eat caterpillars and tomato hornworms.  

Here is a great blog that has some organic tips for pest control.  She even has a homemade insect repellent recipe on the blog.  


  1. Yay you! I still haven't finished. I just got some marigolds as a deterrent and some nasturtium seeds. I have a bunch of herb starts to plant, I can't decide whether to put them all together (herb garden in the middle of veggie garden) or intersperse them throughout the veg. Any thoughts?

  2. I would intersperse them. I really don't like to ever recommend a wikipedia site but this one seems to have a good listing of what to plant with what.

    Check it out:

    Good Luck!

  3. A friend posted this:

    It's a quick guide to bugs & critters that you want in the garden...LOL