Thursday, May 28, 2015

I'm still here!

Hello everyone!  I'm still here!  I got through the end of the semester and graduated with my Bachelor's.  I guess I'm a glutton for punishment as I am going back for Grad school.  Yikes!

I have had to come to face the fact that I can't handle the garden with my health.  By the way, Asthma and allergies suck a big one.  I was not going to plant a garden at all, but my wonderful husband did the work to get a small one ready.  He tilled the smaller of my two big beds and we planted a few tomatoes, some broccoli and cauliflower, cucumbers and we're using the containers again this year for lettuce and salad things.  It's not large by any means but we'll eat fresh stuff at meals.

I still intend on canning.  

This is where one thing I always tell people is going to come in handy.  When you go to Farmer's Markets or U-pick places, get to know  your farmers and produce vendors.  Make friends with them.  They'll be able to tell you how to pick the best produce, new ideas on how to use it and even leads to where you can find things they don't sell.  The farmers know each other, know of each other.  They can be great resources.  

We've met some wonderful farmers and vendors while visiting the various markets and I'm going to get produce from them.  I know their farming practices, know how they grow things.  I know where they grow them.  I will still be able to get quality produce in quantity to can, I just won't have to do the extra work in the garden.  I enjoy gardening, I just enjoy breathing a little more...LOL.

So, even though it is a little early for Farmer's Markets to have a full selection of produce in central Indiana, still visit them.  Meet the people.  Make friends.  You may find some baked goodies or some craft items while you're there!

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