Thursday, February 19, 2015

Do the right thing!

Bear with me while I drag out my soapbox for a moment.

I often remind everyone in the Winter to check on their elderly neighbors and shut-ins to make sure they are safe, that no one needs anything, etc.  It's the right thing to do.

Last night, the family and I were coming back from a meeting, it was dark and extremely cold.  My car's gas gauge is messed up so I watch the trip meter and gas up accordingly.  I failed to take into account that sitting, waiting on my son in the car rider line does NOT add miles to the trip meter.  

Yes, we ran out of gas.  In the dark.  On the highway.  The temperature was around zero.  We got to the side of the road with our flashers on.  Thankfully, our nephew was just getting off work and could come and help us so weren't stranded.  

In the 45 minutes between the car stopping and our nephew getting us going again, the highway was well traveled.  Yet, not one person stopped.  Four police officers passed us and not one stopped.  Now, I'm not advocating that you stop at night on the side of the road for strangers, that's not safe.  But, if you have a cell phone, call the police or whatever highway helper program is near you, notify someone.  We were ok, but what if it had been an elderly person?  Someone who had had a medical emergency?  Someone who didn't have a cell phone?  Someone with small children?  There are a lot of places without cell service.  Do the right thing, call it in.  

Along the same lines, is your car prepared for this weather?  I don't just mean the windshield washer fluid, oil & tire pressure.  Had we been stuck for a while, I do keep a heavy blanket in the trunk, some bottled water and I have a battery stick to charge the cell phone if needed.  I know there is more that I should have in there but like a lot of people, I take it for granted that I live in the city now and not the country.  I take it for granted that there is a gas station, quick mart or some other type of business nearby.  Although technically, I was still in the city, I was on dark stretch of highway with no businesses in sight.  It's too cold to take those chances when you have children in the car.

Oh, and make sure the gas tank doesn't get below a half tank!  LOL.

I'll get down off my soapbox and put it away if you will please, check on your neighbors.  Not just those who live next door.  If you see someone in trouble (or who could be), don't just shake your head and say "I hope they're ok".  If it's not safe for you to check on them, call someone who can.  That goes for our furry friends and family too!  

When temperatures are this cold, we have to remember that, as my Mom used to say, we're all in this together!


  1. know that you are in good company. ;)

  2. That is terrible. I can only imagine how anxious you were at that moment, since even the police wouldn’t stop for you. Anyway, I hope this doesn’t happen to you again. Take care!

    Abraham Yates @ Apache Oil Company