Friday, February 28, 2014

Potato peelings...who knew?

In the past, when ever I had to peel potatoes I'd always save the peelings for the compost pile.  Potato peels are great for this as long and they are thin and cut rather small.  Well, as long as you don't mind a raccoon or an opossum visiting on occasion.  

I mean, what else could you do with them?

Well, a couple of weeks ago a friend's Mom had something on her Facebook page about potato peelings.  Someone was eating them.  And I was told they were somewhat addictive.  I asked Helen about them and she said that you take the peelings and soak them in salt water for a bit to impart some flavor in them.  Then drain on paper towels to get the excess water off.  And then you fry them.  The peels.  Who knew?

Tonight, the hubby was helping me with dinner and I remembered this as he was peeling the potatoes.  The deep fryer was out.  Why not?

The husband was skeptical.  The kids thought I was nuts.  I figured I'm not out anything but a little compost material if it didn't work.

This was just the first batch.  With the peelings from 4 potatoes, I had the baskets of my fryer filled twice each.  

Out of 4 fryer baskets, this was all that was left.  Gone in under 15 minutes!  LOL.

As I do with all new recipes, I made these exactly as Helen told me too.  I think for my family, the next time, instead of soaking in salt water, I'll just soak in water to rinse the starch off and then after they're fried, I'll use a season salt on them.  You could use about any herb or seasoning on them...garlic, rosemary, Parmesan cheese...use your imagination.

In all my geekiness, I tried to research the origins of this and as suspected, it is thought to have came out of trying to not waste anything edible during lean times.  What was surprising was that I found a lot of suggestions of using not just potatoes but also sweet potatoes and carrots.  

I foresee us trying them all!  LOL


Helen shared with me that you can also do this with apple peelings.  Once they are fried, she said to sprinkle them with a mixture of Cinnamon & sugar.  I'll be trying this in the future!

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