Friday, January 3, 2014

Oh the Ham!

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope that everyone had a safe and happy New Year's eve celebration!

We had a ham for Christmas dinner.  My husband wanted a spiral sliced one this year and I had a coupon so I got one really cheap.  The problem is that spiral sliced hams are huge.  We had 4 people for Christmas dinner.  Leftovers...

First, I cooked the ham without the glaze packet, not only because I am a diabetic but it would alter the taste of what I used the leftover ham for (gotta plan ahead).  We had ham for dinner that night and sandwiches the next day.  I had enough that I left out to make these sandwiches as well, called "Funeral Sandwiches", they are some seriously good sammies!  Anymore, whenever we have good ham, we make these the next day.

After I made those, I broke down the rest of the ham.  Some into cubes for ham and beans and some in smaller dice for ham and au gratin potato or some other casserole.  I know the general amounts that would use in these meals so I portioned them out by that.

My husband was helping me with labeling..he's a comedian and labeled the casserole dice as "all rotten tatoes".  Label them how ever you like, I like to use a Sharpie because it's easy to see.  Hubby forgot and didn't include the date...don't worry, I fixed it!  LOL

You'll notice in the back, I have a pack marked "Ham bone for beans".  It is exactly what you think it is.  After I cut all the meat off that I could get, I whacked the bone in half (with a meat cleaver) and froze one, the other was dinner. 

Generally, I will use smoked ham hocks for beans but if you think about it, ham is yummy too and in this case pretty much a "free" meat as most people would usually toss the bone.  There was a great deal of meat left on this bone.  I just waited until the beans were almost done and pulled the bone out.  I let it cool for just a bit and then pulled the rest of the meat off of it, any pieces that were still bigger were really easy to shred and toss back into the pot.  Of course, this is served with fried potatoes and Grandpa's Cornbread.  

It's a warm cozy meal that costs very little to put on the table!

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